Ever find yourself scared to go the gym?

Not motivated to make yourself workout?

Can't come up with a workout to do?

Can't afford a gym membership?

Or just wanna stay in your own home and sweatpants to get the workout done?

Well...I've got a solution for you! 

My 30 Day No Equipment Needed Challenge requires nothing but you and about half an hour of your day. I have 30 different workouts written to give you full body strengthening, cardio conditioning, and overall confidence. I'll be here with you every step of the way--just an email or DM away any time you have a question or aren't feeling motivated or need a modification! 

Be sure to hashtag #30dayswithfittestcore so that I can keep up with how you're doing and see your social media check-in's! I'm so excited to do this with you and am PUMPED for you to get started. 

Once you purchase your challenge, send me an email letting me know that you've paid for it and I'll send you the challenge. We'll immediately be connected via email--easy access for motivation and questions :) 

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