I've spent the majority of my life in Nashville, TN. Grew up here, left for college, and came right back. I love it. I went to Samford University with a track scholarship as a heptathlete, and learned so many essential things that led me to wanting fitness to be a part of my life for the long haul. If there's one thing that I love as much as fitness, it's people. I LOVE people--getting to know them, talking to them, listening to them, & learning why they are who they are. The combination of these two loves of mine pointed me to being a personal trainer. I get to have both things everyday...for a JOB. Crazy. I'm so lucky.

The way I like my relationships with my clients to look like is me getting to know you--sweat with you, workout with you, know what makes you happy & sad, foods you love, what excites you. I want to be a consultant to my clients as opposed to strictly a trainer. Working out is a lifestyle and an investment, it's not a short term thing, and definitely doesn't happen overnight. Having someone who can hold you accountable makes this lifestyle more doable, and I want to be that for my clients. This is the lifestyle I have chosen. Happiness and balance are what make a person healthy--on the outside AND on the inside. I want my clients to be their "fittest" on the inside, as well as their outer appearance. Fittest Core means strength and happiness with who YOU are.

Grad student 

"I couldn't ask for a better personal trainer to work with. Macy is an encourager but also pushes me to the best of my ability. She teaches me the importance of being fit physically and mentally, which helps me get through my busy work week. Throughout our workout sessions we laugh, talk about stressors in life, and she never fails to encourage me." 


"Macy truly embodies every quality of an excellent personal trainer. Her genuine passion for fitness, contagious smile, and natural ability to connect with others is what sets her apart from any other trainer or coach I've ever worked with. She personalized each session for me and taught me how to breathe accurately during every exercise. She will push you to be your best version of yourself and there is no one else that I would trust!"

Generational Consultant & Professional Coach

"I am so thankful to have Macy as a trainer.  Right away Macy made sure that success was defined based on what I wanted to achieve to improve my overall health - not just how I looked or what I weighed.  Along the way she has been the best encourager.  Not only does she design training sessions to meet me where I am at as I get stronger and healthier, but she also helps me realize that mistakes or setback are  not roadblocks to keep moving toward my goals.  I am someone who really doesn't enjoy working out but I genuinely look forward to each training session with Macy because I know I will have fun, work hard and leave feeling proud of what I have accomplished."