Booty After Baby

As if we aren't already dealing with enough postpartum, we DEFINITELY didn't sign up for this new pancake butt. I don't know about you, but I wasn't warned about how sad my butt would be after giving birth. And overnight! So instead of just sitting on it, I decided I'm going to get it back.

More about BAB...

Most postpartum workout programs are core and pelvic floor focused (which is VERY necessary!), and I wanted to contribute to the postpartum fitness world in a different way. So I created Booty After Baby: a 4-month booty-building workout routine that is SAFE for postpartum moms and is guaranteed to help you gain some (or a lot!) of those glute muscles back. I created this program as I personally did it myself. I have proof of growth through before and after pictures, by progressing in heavier weights, and by feeling SO much stronger. I wanted this program to be relatable to every mom going through postpartum, which is why I did it during my postpartum journey--and in my son's nursery!

Moms, we don't have much time to ourselves anymore. And that's okay! I wrote each workout to be around 30 minutes long, and one that you can do it your own home. So grab some bands, a set of weights, and your baby monitor...and let's build that booty back!

SCHEDULE: This is a 4-month program (45 workouts total)
Weeks 1-3: 2 workouts a week (so you'll complete Workouts #1-#6)
Remaining weeks: 3 workouts a week