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If you're here, chances are you're curious about my new workout series...

Busy Booty is a series of 15 different workouts that are quick and efficient, but still help you achieve your fitness goals.

This series is perfect for:

  • super busy schedules

  • little time before/after work

  • vacations

  • if you hate spending an hour in the gym

  • little motivation

  • efficiency

Each of these workouts was written and tested by me. And ALL take 20 minutes or less!

They can be completed in whatever order you'd like--there's no specific "plan." So pick and choose depending on which body part you want to focus on, or what type of workout you'd like to do. You'll forever have access to them, so complete them as often as you want!

How to Get Your Busy Booty?!

Two simple steps.

1. Purchase

2. Wait for an email to arrive--then it's all yours!