a guide to a nourished and fit pregnancy 

This triple-guide was created with YOU in mind, mama. Healthy eating and safe physical activity during pregnancy is so important, because it's a way to nurture not only YOUR growing body, but your baby's, as well.

Regular exercise and nourishing foods can help reduce symptoms such as constipation, bloat, and swelling. They can also help you boost energy, improve your mood, and even help you sleep better! 

Pregnancy is already a confusing time, and doesn't need the added confusion of how to exercise or what to eat. So that's where we come in! I'm Macy (founder of Fittest Core) and that's my babe Eli. On the right is Leah (co-founder of Nourished Routes) and baby Baker. We've joined forces to make pregnancy a little less stressful for you, mama. We want to help you feel confident and strong throughout your whole journey!


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