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  • A workout gallery that is added to weekly, ranging from HIIT, strength work, bodyweight workouts, workouts under 30 minutes, and more

  • Fittest Bump: Macy's pregnancy-safe downloadable workout program

  • Booty After Baby: Macy's postpartum follow-along workout program

  • Fittest Runner: Macy's downloadable running program

  • 15 Days to Abs: Macy's quick and effective, downloadable ab program

  • At Home Workouts: Macy's 2-week workout program, that can all be done at home

  • A form that allows communication with Macy

  • A monthly challenge that all subscribers participate in

  • Exclusive discount codes to some of Macy's favorite brands

  • A monthly giveaway with Southern Athletica athleisure

  • And access to ALL future workout programs

fittest core

fittest core